Oscar Nominations Announced!



On Tuesday, January 24, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the nominations for the 89th Academy Awards, known as the Oscars.  The film celebration will take place on Sunday, February 26 on ABC and will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. 

Best Picture Nominees


Hacksaw Ridge

Hidden Figures




Hell or High Water

La La Land

Manchester by the Sea

For the complete list, go to oscar.go.com


The Mystery in Barsh yin Binder Part I

Selena Lamothe

So, one day Shlomlom and her buddies Goodashloom and Badashlah were walking around in the woods because why not.

“Goot geet gite doe hoot,” Goodashloom gurgled. It was code for, “Hi.”  It was the only phrase she knew in Level 41 Shalamarah and she intended to use it as much as possible. Badashlah and Shlomlom both smacked their foreheads in unison.

“Ow!” Badashlah cried. “Why are we always doing that?”

Shlomlom shook her head. Her bedazzled dreads spun around her face; some were decked out in shiny gold and silver clasps and others had strips of red fabric tied around them. They were glorious. Badashlah finally understood the well known phrase made by Adolf Hitler, back in 1492: Let the dreadlocks flow. A single tear fell down his cheek.

“What’s the matter with you, dude? You’re always crying for dumb stuff!!” Shlomlom declared, putting her face really close to Badashlah’s. He gulped because when Shlomlom got mad, she got MAD. One time in school, she got so angry at him for accidentally breaking a pencil – HIS pencil – that she tore off her shirt and threw the whole science lab workbench out the window.

And it had been bolted to the floor.

When the teacher told her to calmly put her shirt back on and retrieve the thrown workbench, she roared and grabbed Badashlah by the neck of his shirt and repeatedly punched him in the face until security pulled her away. And Badashlah didn’t dare stop her from hitting him because he knew she was already mad enough and didn’t want to interfere.

Though his face payed for it.

He cringed from the memory. Shlomlom spat on both her hands and cracked her knuckles.

“Don’t think I won’t rip off my shirt right now and smother you to death with it,” she hissed menacingly. Her breath smelled like apples.

Bad apples.

See, ever since Badashlah could remember, Shlomlom was always unnecessarily aggressive and extremely dramatic all the time. She was a wild spirit, and always planning some wacky adventure, constantly throwing caution out the window while she was at it.

In fact, Badashlah had met Shlomlom when he was standing outside the school entrance doors by himself on the first day of school; she had savagely kicked the door open and it slammed directly into his poor face. Knocked down and holding his broken nose, Shlomlom had appeared over him. “Need help licking your wound?” She offered. She looked slightly amused as her shoulder length dreads fell around her face.

“Glub, I don’t fink that’s sanitary,” he sputtered through the red pouring into his mouth. He was lying on the floor with hands clasped to his face, trying to stop the blood from spewing out of his poor nose.

A small girl with a huge and impressively messy afro appeared by Shlomlom’s side. She narrowed her eyes at Badashlah and frowned. (Her name was Goodashloom, and though Badashlah didn’t know it then, she had officially chosen him for what he thought had been an actual friendship.) He wasn’t hurt when he did find out. That was the highest love Goodashloom had ever offered anyone outside of her family.

Instead of having friends, she had a system. If you were unconventional, comical, and/or stupid, she stuck around with you. It wasn’t exactly friendship; it was sheer entertainment and she let Badashlah know the truth as soon as she started speaking English again, which was three weeks into their meeting. Badashlah was content as long as he had someone to hang out with, and the more they hung out and did stupid stuff together, the more he realized how much of an idiot he was to stay. But if he backed out now, Shlomlom would probably kill him.

Right when she brought her tightly clenched fist up to hurl into Badashlah’s face over and over again, Goodashloom suddenly sharply inhaled. Like really loudly.

Shlomlom glared at Badashlah before stepping away to go see what was up with Goodashloom. It appeared that she had found a secret entrance a few yards away down a hill. There was a small stream and a cave opening just beyond it.

“HOODLE HOODLE HOODLE HOOT!!!” Goodashloom screamed as she raised her sword high up over her head and charged down the hill, kicking up water through the stream, and disappearing into the cave, still screaming until both Shlomlom and Badashlah couldn’t hear her anymore.

“Um, why do we let her carry around a sword again…?” Badashlah asked slowly.

Shlomlom looked delighted. Well, it was mostly an evil grin on her face with her eyes narrowed, but that was what she looked like when she was happy.

It gave Badashlah the creeps.

Shlomlom unsheathed her sword and pointed it toward the cave entrance with her right hand. “We follow her,” She said determinedly.

The Story of the Dais

Angelina Zea

Silvery flakes drifted down, glittering in the bright light of the harvest moon. The blackbird swooped down catching its prey; an unlucky brown coloured Dai-mouse. He shouldn’t feel this way, this happy to see one of his own get taken and killed so easily but he was still human, no matter what the manual stated they were. “JASON!” The shrill scream of a heartbroken mother broke throughout the burrow, one of the many left from the war between Silver coats and Dai’s. He couldn’t make his head turn to see another shrivel up and die, he couldn’t fall into the spell the mother cast, a spell that was like a tidal wave upon sand that was trying to stay dry.

“You idiotic women if you dare waste your last H2O then do it out in the snow, not in here!” The yelp that followed the echoing skin to skin slap, caused by the Dai-Fly man made him shiver and breathe harshly. He continued to shiver but his breathing calmed as the sounds of the woman’s cries of pain and dragged sobs echoed throughout the burrow. Why was the Dai beating a woman for grieving her son’s death? Because like many others, he couldn’t hold his building emotions any longer than any of them could. They weren’t made to do so. It was a crack in their system. In their DNA.

Nothing could stop the disgusting sound, so he thought, but the loud eruption of metal crashing to the ground proved him wrong and gave him no time to place his dirt covered hands over his sister’s ears. “Bruh-Brother!” The cry from his sister, the curses of the people, and the prayers to God ran into his hearing only to get caught in the door. “We must leave” he spoke. It was the first time he did in their trip to escape the insanity of both their DNA rivals and own people. Grabbing his sister’s tiny hand and marveling at the softness it still had he pulled her to follow the many already leaving the burrow. The trees that reached the skies gave them the smallest of cover to walk to the next burrow.

Finding cover was easy enough. The war leaving too many to count, they reached a new burrow near the last minutes of an hour. Settling inside, everyone kept their distance from each other. The silence was the set radio tune throughout the burrow. My sister was innocent enough to break it. “Brother, why do we run?” He was holding her close to him when she asked him that question, his tight embrace only tightening as he dared himself to look into his sister’s hazel eyes for the first time in years. He saw dreaded curiosity and he knew he couldn’t keep her curiosity at bay by blaming it on the war. She was as smart as their mother, so he started the tale of Silver Coats and Dai’s.

“My dear sister, before I answer your question, I must tell you of Earth. A planet with islands in blue wet H2O. Unlike our red land and white snow, it holds colors of green and yellow, grey and brown, and even your favorites colors like pink and purple. It is the beauty we sought to find and make but can’t truly have, and what made it more remarkable was what was on those islands of color. Life, Sister.” He stopped to feel the sting at the side of lips from his smile before continuing.

“Our DNA came from those beasts but most especially from one called Human. Physically, they look much like the Silver Coats, but they weren’t hairless or had their clothing become their second skin. They were like us when it came to protecting our insides. With time, they had countries, cities, and towns, and with that came things such as peace, increase in children, war, technology, science… curiosity was their rope throughout the difficulties of evolution. But in year 6016, things began to change and curiosity was at the front of this great change.

By now, humanity had advanced, and with advancement came things of good for humans of a higher class but to the low class and to the animals it meant their death. The sun had become too bright for them to survive. They had the technology, so they set to work their problem out by sending out the best-of-the-best to space. Their mission: finding a new home. They searched throughout space, searching each planet until it came to a stop. A planet of red and white. A planet by the name of Lucifer.” Taking a breath to calm his speeding tone, he noticed the eyes of the people watching him, listening to him, much like his sister was doing.

“These geniuses were named Kendall, Mira, Takeno, Lucille, and Hamilton but you can say the American Lucille was the real genius of everything that you see on Lucifer. Now with a home found, they set out their personal plans into action. You see, throughout their journey through space they started to feel strange things, things which encouraged them to make the new generation of humans. Their plan started with killing off the guards set to go with them for treason not to occur and ended with them cutting off the only contact they had with Earth. Anyway, Lucifer was a strange planet. It wasn’t how we see it now. They had to make a lot of changes.

First, the humans who came here were completely controlled by the scientists, so how we look now was for their survival on this planet. Then came us. They needed a source of food, so we came into the picture because the animals that were brought here were quickly dying off or becoming infertile to make more from our planet, air and land. They put animal DNA in us, mutated us to become a new resource of food, but like any new experiment there were glitches; a.k.a us. They named us Dais because it meant Duplex Artificial Intellectuals. Duplex for our animal DNA and Human DNA, Artificial because they made us, and Intellectual because our brains didn’t Fry into a brainless entity. It grew with age. We became the pets. As low as the robots and soon we couldn’t take it anymore so war was waged between the two species on Lucifer. That’s how we got here and we run because-” He was near the end of his story when the electronic voice shot out through the air.

“WC-Clearance department, you are all arrested for breaking 100 rules of Dai Law. Punishment is a life sentence to servitude and or Death!” “RUN!” That moment, he grabbed his sister and ran, keeping his eyes straight on the prize, ignoring the death around him and screams of help as he raced to the mountains.

“Sir Lucille, what is your command?” A man asked the higher official with dull, unemotional eyes, and with a robotic tone of command Lucille spoke, “Shoot Missile Marie.” They saw the trail of smoke in the air but he and many others who kept running screamed in defiance, “LIBERTY!”

Natural Light

Michael Wilson                                                   


 Nature is arguably the most comprehensible, colorful and bright environment upon planet earth. Nature is an artist’s brush taken to reality, a dab of color here, green blowing across a field and shadows the likes of which an artist would dream to create. Nature is a symphony written by a master and adds life to our world. A still image such as the one above serves as a bridge between environments. Allowing sight of the Sahara from California & Mount Everest from Ireland. There are dozens of environments and pictures that allow us to share them with others

Jacobs (1981) argues that although anyone can appreciate pictures, photographers have a set criterion that they consider in a photography composition. For example, the expression on people’s faces. Although photographic criticism is not a precise art, a photographer who wants to publish their work needs to consider the qualities that make a good picture. In Natural Light, contrasting colors and backlight are the qualities that stand out.

Natural Light makes good use of contrasting colors. By making use of this “visual virtue” (Jacobs, 1981) we can show off the medley of colors which appear naturally, the oranges, greens of fall trees and the colors of the sky & clouds on a beautiful day. Natural light is made to show the beauty of nature in its most basic format.

Backlighting is used in Natural Light to keep the rest of the image noticeable. By using this form of lighting, “visual success” (Jacobs, 1981) can be achieved. The lighting, colors the sky and also brightens the other pieces of the image. The trees become brighter and more noticeable simply because of the lighting, which highlights the edge of each section.

Natural Light fully shows the imagery and beauty of nature in our area. The environment of the shot includes good coloration and a suitable angle of shot along with subtle outlining of edges due to the back lighting of the shot. Natural Light succinctly shows use of contrasting colors and backlighting to produce an acceptable image.